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  • Indoor Plant Maintenance 

  • Container Garden Design and Planting

  • Container Garden Maintenance

We love plants!

Houseplant Boutique

The Dutch House of Plants opened in August 2023. We are a mother-daughter team with the mission to create a beautiful green space in Lubbock! We provide all types of houseplants for your jungle needs!


Want to green up your home or office...but don't know where to start? We can book a consultation to look at your space, design your interiorscape, and install plants based on your light situation. We can maintain your plants as well. 

Container Gardening

Container gardens are a vital part of modern landscape design. They are valuable additions to gardens, patios, decks, and entryways. A custom container garden planting can add the right touch of sophistication and allure to your space. The Dutch House of Plants offers exterior and interior container garden design. We blend various plants and containers that reflect your taste and thrive in your location to create the perfect container garden for you.


Ellen and Chelsea Kidder have a combined professional experience of 10 years working with plants. Allow us to transform your home with plants!

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